Department of Mathematics - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics is the core department in the Faculty of Physical Science of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, inaugurated in Fall 2017. It is a teaching and research Department that also provide teachers for different courses of Mathematics in other Departments of the University at BS level; Computer Science, Geology, Pharmacy, Botany, Agriculture, Sociology, Forestry, Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Management Sciences, Islamic Studies, Botany, Biotechnology and Chemistry. Currently, the Department is running BS(Hons), M.Sc(two years) and M. Phil programs. In future the Department is also planning a PhD program. The Department aims to enhance the research skills of students through active involvement in the research-oriented activities..


The Department of Mathematics coincides the general mission and goals of the University and provides a platform to students to exploit their academic potentials. Furthermore, the Department planes to offers different other programs in Mathematics for research and teaching. The Department, through its faculty, will continue to add to the body of knowledge of the discipline, whether in traditional, pure or applied research in Mathematics..


Mathematics develops computational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. The theory, discipline, and techniques taught in mathematics courses are especially important in today’s society. The faculty of the Department recognizes this and strives to ensure (it) that the student learner obtain this knowledge. At the same time, the faculty contributes to the discipline by fundamental research in pure and applied mathematics.