Department of Computer Science - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science is one of the best Department of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University. Computer science is the blending of principles, theories and applications of the technologies that underlie the access to information. This science involves studying the structure, mechanization and expression of algorithms, which are methodical processes for solving problems. The importance of computer has become the basic need of modern life. The use of computer has increased drastically in every walk of life;

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve national prominence by providing outstanding education and research training to produce graduates, equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the professional careers in Computer Science who are team players, and who exhibit professionalism in dealing with others. We strive for excellence in research, teaching and service covering the fundamental as well as applied aspects of computer science. Our programs have a central core of requirements covering the fundamental areas of computing sciences

Our Vision

The Department of Computer science is a rapidly evolving discipline directly or indirectly affecting many other disciplines including science and engineering, arts, business, etc.Our vision is to offer up to date and flexible programs which will allow our graduates to be competitive in the job market. We strive to provide a hands-on approach in teaching computer related courses, So that this Department becomes a recognized leader in the country offering high-quality Education in computing sciences to a large number of talented students at affordable tuition fee.