Department of Sociology - SBB University, Sheringal

Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology provides a rigorous and academically challenging program of study that allows students to develop intellec-tually, socially, and professionally. We offer courses that analyze so-ciety from broad institutional and global perspectives as well as courses that examine individuals and groups as they interact with oth-ers in the course of their daily lives. Also, our courses prepare stu-dents to value and understand the research process and how research-based knowledge can be applied to help improve the quality of peo-ple’s lives. The department of sociology offers BS program to train students to pursue graduate studies in the social sciences and encour-age students to apply their skills in social organizations. The depart-ment has a plan to offer Masters and M.Phil. programs in near future.
Students are encouraged to enhance their preparation for professional careers by enrolling in our internships available at numerous commu-nity agencies and organizations where they gain valuable on-site learning and work experience. Beside this, Social Welfare and Awareness Society provide additional opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, get involved in worthwhile community and campus activities, and become more socially active and responsible. Our graduates leave with analytical, written and oral skills that are useful in obtaining satisfying careers, pursuing advanced graduate degrees and improving interpersonal relationships. The faculty takes pride in their professional work and are noted for their mentoring, that in many instances, lasts a lifetime. The services rendered by the department to the community in term of the contribution made by the government and non-government.

The objectives:

1. To advance sociological knowledge and skills through teaching and research.
2. To develop competent social scientists and teachers.
3. To prepare students for work in related professions.
4. To demonstrate knowledge of key social trends in rele-vant areas.
5. To be able to demonstrate written and oral communica-tion that meets the standards of a graduate with a BS So-ciology degree.

Scope/Job Opportunities

Our students have lot of job opportunities. Few of them are
admissions counselor, affirmative action assistant alumni rela-tions worker, college placement worker, Affirmative action worker, employee specialist, foreign service officer, human rights officer, information officer, international worker, legis-lative aide, control engineer, data entry manager, human re-sources manager, Insurance agent, issues manager labor relations staffer, market analyst, Merchandiser/purchaser, planning assistant, Production manager, project manager public relations staffer, publishing staffer, Quality control manag-er, real estate agent and many more suitable jobs are waiting for our graduates.