About Shaheed BB University, Sheringal

About the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University

Geographic Location And History

District Dir Upper borders Afghanistan to the west, Chitral and Swat districts to the north and east respectfully, and district lower Dir to the south.
Geographically Dir Kohistan ends on its Northern side into a vast valley of "Kumrat". It is a touring paradise with lush green pastures, crystal clear water, sky kissing mountains and thick forest of coniferous and broad leaves trees. On North East, through Badgowai pass, it is linked with marvelous spots of Swat Kohistan "Bahrain, Madayan, Kalam, Usho, Gabral and Mahodand" on North west via Doag Dara, it is linked with "Chitral" which is known for monsoonal climate, abundance of fresh and dry fruits, Chitrali patti, specific cultural values, ancient civilization, religion of "Kalasha" wild population of Markhor (Ibex), snow covered tops and appendages of Tirich Mir.
Shaheed Banazir Bhutto University was established through a Regulation on o6-10-2009 in District Dir (Upper) at Town Sheringal, on the bank of river Punjkora. The university is located in a narrow valley of Dir Kohistan, at a distance of about 35 km from Dir city. District Dir Upper is connected through "Lawari Tunnel" to the Central Asian countries across Chitral via Wakhan strip (Afghanistan).

With the establishment of Malakand University at Chakdara, Sensing the backwardness of the people of Dir upper, the then Governor of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa (N.W.F.P), issued directives for the establishment of Campus-II of Malakand University at Sheringal on October 3rd, 2002. His Excellency General (Rt) Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah also inaugurated the University Public School and College at campus-II to enable the people to get better primary and secondary education at their doorstep.
Sheringal Campus became a full-fledged University "Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University" on 6th October 2009, under the Regulation 2009, recommended by his Excellencies, the Governor Khyber Pakhtun Khwa and approved by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Location and Brief Introduction

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU) is located in a composed town of Sheringal at a distance of 35 km on the right of Dir city in KP. Situated on the right bank of river Panjkora, SBBU has a rich array of academic programmes and research facilities to offer. Currently, with a strength of almost 3500 students and above 100 faculty members, we offer a wide range of degree programmes to the students and researchers.
Maintaining a track record of rapid institutional growth, SBBU has four sub campuses in the Pakistani part of the Hindukush range with 10 projects nearly completed and 27 more in the pipe line.
SBBU is positioned at 35°16ʹ20.60ʺ N and 72°00ʹ18.35ʺ E with an elevation of 4490ft(1369 m) from the sea level. The MAT of the area is 21°C (70°F) with a Min -4°C (25°F) (in Jan/Feb) and Max 38°C (100°F)(in Jun/Jul).

SBBU has established four guesthouses in the areas of Sheringal, Kumrat Valley, Jandri and Jazz Banda (Kohistan). Moreover, to preserve the local culture of Kohistani people, it has also maintained a museum in the village of Jandri near Thal. Our collection at the museum offers a splendid look into the life of local people. Similarly, in order to take the local people in the national mainstream, and to highlight their languages and cultures, we have also established the Sheringal Research Cell for Northern Languages.
With an agenda of innovation in teaching and research, SBBU is in the process of signing MOUs with a number of local and international universities, research centers and technology providers with expertise in its research interest areas.
We also offer a number of scholarships to the deserving students of the university. Such scholarships include; Need Based Scholarships, Merit Scholarships and scholarships from the Students Endowment Fund of the university. Other specific scholarships are offered with the financial and technical assistance of national and international bodies.

Main Campus: Sheringal, Dir Upper, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Telephone: +92 944 885527-31
Fax: +92 944 885805
Sub Campus Wari: Wari, Dir Upper, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Telephone: +92 944 840888
Fax: +92 944 885805


Geographically because of the altitudes height the winter and summer in the valley is of prime importance. The summer is very mild and pleasant while the winter is very harsh and snowy.

This valley offers many heart-wrenching sights, winding River Punjkora, mountains, beautifully covered with the green carpet of herbs and seemingly sky touching pines, the spraying foams of fog rising from the freshly fallen snow and the gushing, splashing and the fresh aqua pura of the springs seem to have been flowing since ever.


This beautiful valley has got its rich ancient culture and heritage. This valley and its surrounding suburbs are affluent with the unique antiques, coins, artistically manufactured wooden items, impressive embroidery on the uncut long beams of wood, especially in the mosques. The valley of Sheringal has been one of the most important quarters of the mighty Nawab of Dir. It still reminds ne the monuments of his rule and his lodging places.

There is also a small museum situated at some distance from Sheringal, containing some unique items, reminding one the glory of the past and craft of the people of that times. The handicraft, of this area is beautiful and it can attract tourists from all over the country and abroad.

The Bazaar of Sheringal is famous for its traditional rich foods. Tikka Kabab is the major spicy item that people enjoy with great delight and rush to it as soon as the weather becomes a little breezy or when it drizzles. Trout fish from Kumrat becomes very tasty and spicy if roasted. The people of Sheringal are highly hospitable. They always serve their guests with fine, rich and tasty foods. The women are highly Purdah observing and men are highly religious but with moderate mentality. The people are generally peace loving and avoid all kinds of quarrels. Men are highly hardworking and farm their own fields but they also love to visit Gulf Countries for better financial prospects.

The people of Sheringal are highly simple in dress, habits and have clean altruistic thoughts for one another. They live in unison and help each other at the time of need.