Department of Environmental Science - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University

Department of Environmental Science

 Global environmental problems like, Green House Effect, Ozone layer depletion, Desertification, Deforestation, Species extinction, Drought, Land degradation, Flood, Pollution etc, are increasing rapidly with the passage of time. Pollution of water, air, noise, soil is increasing day by day. Although nature has gifted Pakistan with a lot of natural
resources, scenic beauty, peaks, streams, rivers, wild life, deserts, parks etc, but unfortunately in our country the condition is severe due to overpopulation, low literacy level, lack of awareness, poverty and lack of resources. To protect the environment from further degradation the current institutions, department and agencies should be strength-ened, proper awareness is required, environment curriculum should be included in the educational institution at grass root level, poverty alle-viation is required especially in the rural areas where the community is totally dependent on the natural resources, having no alternate source of income or utilization and interaction between human and environ-ment have to be in harmony.
Keeping in view the scope & significance of the environment at na-tional and international level, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University has started Environmental Sciences Department in September, 2009.


To improve the quality of education and status of teaching, learning and research in the field of environmental sciences


To provide stimulating and practical programs of education and training in the field of nature and environment relevant to the need of the society at large in the current scenario of changing world. The education and practical training imparted to the students in this department are aimed at bringing positive change in the stu-dent’s approaches and making them more useful citizens so that they could contribute in the uplift of environment and ensuring the social, economic and ecological wellbeing of the people of the country in general and this province in particular.

Job Opportunities

Our graduates can join different universities and
colleges and faculty members. Moreover, they can join Ministry of climate change. Environment protec-tion agency. Environmental provincial protection agency. International NGO’s like IUCN, WWF and many more.

The Aim

The principal aim of graduate and post-graduate level degree programs in the discipline of Environmental Science is to train and develop, well equipped and highly skilled man power to tackle the growing environmental and developmental problems and changes arising from the transition to a sustainable society.

The Objectives

The teaching objectives of the degree program in Environmental Science are to enable its graduates with following key skills:
 Learn how to analyze and assess environmental problems
 Carry out independent scientific and technical research on environmental issues
 Propose sustainable solutions for environmental problems.
The degree programs are expected to equip the graduates with an ability to understand the linkages between various bio-physical and socio-economic components of environment and with an expertise to:
Understand the intricate linkages within and between biophysical and socioeconomic systems, and appreciate the principles and requirements that would facilitate the transition to sustainability within these systems;
Apply theoretical understanding, professional judgment and skills in mitigation of environmental problems