Department of Chemistry - Shaheed BB University, Sheringal

Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry Department was established in August, 2013 and was initiated by the modification of the Phytochemistry Laboratories of the Sheringal High Altitude Research Centre and Campus (SHARC). The department has equipped with modern Research instruments/equipments i.e  UV, HPLC, Flame Photometer, deionizer, Rotary evaporator, fume hood, sonicator, various pH meters, melting point apparatus, polarimeter, soxlet apparatus etc. The students and scholars are facilitated with various books and chemicals for their needs of academic and research activities.
Recently, more than a dozen highly qualified faculty members are engaged in teaching and research programs. The Department offers BS (Hons), M.Sc (2-year) and M.Phil/ Ph.D programs. The Department has collaborated the academic and research activities with various organizations of national and international level. The faculty members of the Department have been participated in various events like seminars, symposium, Programs, International year of crystallography, faculty professional development trainings, workshop and open lab. programs.
Based on the virgin flora and rich indigenous natural resources, the chemistry has the capacity of promoting a wide range of learning and research. Keeping in view, the demand of natural drugs, dyes, cosmetics. chemical products and feed back for the local pharmaceutical industries,  the contribution of chemistry in the development of the nations is impressive.

Vision Statement:

  • To impart modern and latest knowledge regarding the major fields of Chemistry.
  • To promote learning and its utilization in practical life.
  • To train students and staff for advanced studies and specialization on modern emerging technological and multidisciplinary fields.
  • To develop the scientific culture and demonstrate professional skills in teaching/ research/managerial positions in wide range of professions in national & international organizations.

 Mission Statement:
To produce scientifically & professionally skilled scientists in the field of chemistry, for the maximum exploitation of valuable resources of the area, that contribute in the socio-economic stability of the country.

Programs offered
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University is awarding Degrees as" BS (4 years) or M.Phil or PhD in Chemistry. Specialization in the courses are offered in the specialization of organic chemistry, however Physical, analytical, biochemistry and other minor subjects can be offered to the availability of the subject teachers.