Department of Management Studies - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

Department of Management Sciences


The Department of Management Sciences is the pioneer institute at SBBU, as it was established at the very onset of the university. It begins its journey in 2009 with only 13 students and one faculty member. Today, it is the most competing institute of the university with seven faculty members and more than 100 students.
This department has been established at the University, to train the students in a wide range of business related disci-plines like Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing. The department is fully incumbent upon creat-ing quality programs which will be recognized by many potential employers in the future. Joining students will find themselves in an intellectual environment that de-mands full commitment.
Department of Management Studies provides a friendly and supportive environment, where students will be able to access the dedicated learning resources and support ser-vices

Vision of the department

To produce market oriented graduates with managerial behavior and skills and to incul-cate in them a strong sense of confidence and leadership to make positive difference , where ever they face challenging decisions and job outfit.

Mission of the department

To design market oriented course studies. To induct research oriented qualified staff. To provide peaceful studies environment. To de-velop strong linkages between our institute and industry . To teach students and train them with changing market trends .


 Undertake relevant and rigorous research in theory and practice of manage-ment to society.
 Ensure imparting of management skills.
 Promote a spirit of enterprise and innovation.
 Ensure the quality of our teaching and research as well as its impact on man-agement industry, academia and society.

Eligibility Criterion For Admission

The applicant must have at least 45% marks in FSc/F.A with preference to those who have studied statistics and economics at intermediate level.

Courses Offered

BS 4 Years-(Management Sciences)

Currently the Department of Management Studies offers four-year degree program, in BBA. Main emphasis in this course is given to cope with the major challenges all the skills and abilities needed foe efficient Manage-ment of any kind of enterprises. This program is designed to equip students with applied Knowledge in the field of business administration with strong communication and professional skills.
Future Programs
Department of management studies is planning to offer M.Phil in Business Administration in 2014.
Department of Management studies is planning to offer MBA 1.5 and MBA 3 years in 2015. Department of Man-agement studies is planning to start full time P.hD in 2018/19

Scope/Job Opportunities

Apart from Corporate careers, one can opt for entrepreneurship, work in co-operatives, NGO's as the opportunities are literally unlimited.
Even when the industry goes through trends/fads, like the recent dot com fad, BBA (Hons) graduates are the first in, thereby reap-ing the benefits of a rising industry and the smartness of exciting to a different industry when the fall happened. This is due to the multi-dimensional, multi-tasking quality a BBA (Hons) possesses The BBA (Hons) Program offers a lucrative career option to both experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates..