Faculty in the Department of Mathematics - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

Faculty in the Department of Mathematics

Dr. Hasib Khan
Assistant Professor
Specilization: Fractional Differential Equations.
Qualification: Post Doctorate
Email: hasibkhan13@yahoo.com
Cell: +923219760796

Dr. Latif Ahmad
Specilization: Fluid Mechanics, Fuzzy Differential Equations.
Qualification: PhD
Email: latifahmad@sbbu.edu.pk
Cell: +923219344842

Dr. Sajjad Ali
Specilization: Existence Theory, Solutions of ODE's and PDE's, Perturbation Method .
Qualification: PhD
Email: sajjad_ali@sbbu.edu.pk
Cell: +9234594061700

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Assistant Professor
Specilization: Lie Symmetries of Differential Equations.
Qualification: PhD
Email: iqbalroghani@sbbu.edu.pk
Cell: +923459223762

Dr. Bahadar Zeb
Specilization: Atmospheric Physics, Biophotonics .
Qualification: PhD
Email: zebsbbu@gmail.com
Cell: +923219762961

Mr. Muhammad Aslam
Specilization: Fractional Differential Equations .
Qualification: PhD in progress
Email: aslam70@sbbu.edu.pk
Cell: +923005743933

Mr. Abdul Hakeem
Naib Qasid
Qualification: MA Islamiyat
Cell: +9234662011890