History and Location, Department of Zoology - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

History and Location

  • Main Campus, Sheringal
    The Department of Zoology was rooted in October 2010 with establishment of SBBU, Main Campus through a regulation on October 6, 2009 in District Dir Upper at Town Sheringal, on the bank of river Punjkora. It is located in a narrow valley of Dir Kohistan, at a distance of about 35 km from Dir City. It is connected through Lawari Tunnel to the Central Asian countries across Chitral via Wakhan strip (Afghanistan).

    Sub-campus, Wari
    The Department of Zoology, Sub-campus, Wari was started in September 2011 in Warri. The campus is situated near Shell Pump in Wari and 35km (1 h Drive) away from Temergara.

    Sub-campus, Chiral
    The Department of Zoology, Sub-campus, Chiral was started in September 2011 in Chitral. The campus is situated in Chitral city in a building near NADRA Office.

    Sub-campus, Booni
    The Department of Zoology, Sub-campus, Booni was started in September 2012 in Chitral. The campus is situated back side of Agha Khan Hospital in Kroi Junali of Booni.


    Now it holds a pivotal position and can also be compared with any Department elsewhere in and outside Pakistan. The Department right from its inception has been imparting instruction at the programs BSc (2 years; in affiliated colleges), BS (4 years), MSc (2 years) levels, besides providing facilities for post-graduate research leading to MS (2 years), MPhil (2 years), and PhD (3 years) degrees. More than 300 research papers in National and International research journals, various monographs and 50 books have been published by the faculty members. Seminars/worships/symposium are arranged to give an opportunity to the students for gaining from experiences of local and foreign scholars/experts. Besides, scholars of the country/abroad are invited for Guests Lectures on number of topics for the benefits of students. About 100 students are enrolled in each year at mentioned programs in the main and sub-campuses including various specializations.