Facilities, Department of Zoology - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal


Facilities in Department of Zoology

    1. Computer Lab with full access of Internet
    2. Departmental Seminar Library
    3. Instruments Lab of Toxicology and Hydrology containing Atomic Absorption HPLC, Autoclave, and GLC, Total counter, Graphite Furnace, Bom colorimeter and Spectrophotometer.
    4. Central Lab
    5. Animal house and Insectary
    6. Zoological museum
    a. Collection of vertebrates and invertebrate
    b. Substantial collection of fresh water and Marine fauna of Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean Insects fauna from South-East Area, Pakistan
    c. Fishes (freshwater and marine) , Insects and
    d. Nematodes are being undertaken by trained and experienced staff