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Department of Social Work


Social Work is an academic discipline and a renowned profession. Its goal is to enhance the social functioning and overall well-being of individuals, families, groups and communities. The problems faced by these groups are solved by three different strategies i.e. Social Case Work, Social Group Work and Community Organization and Development. Besides these basic methods, social workers carry out social research in order to investigate and address social problems. On the basis of these investigations and research work, social workers devise different coping strategies to overcome and eliminate social evils. The basic philosophy of the profession of Social Work is to make individuals, groups and communities to be self-reliant and independent. Social Workers have sound knowledge of human behaviour and insight about social problems faced by different societies. Such knowledge and understanding regarding social issues enhance the professional competence of social workers. In various universities, throughout the globe, the department of social work has produced professionally competent social workers who are contributing to the well-being of their respective societies.
The need and importance of social work profession was felt since the inception of Pakistan. At the onset, the country had no single social worker. However, on the request of the government of Pakistan, the UN advisors and expert’s team visited Pakistan and introduced the concept of social work by designing short term training courses in social work. After a period of time the introduction of the discipline of social work at university level was deemed to be a dire need of the time and therefore the first department of social work was established in the University of the Punjab in 1951 followed by the University of Karachi in 1953, University of Baluchistan in 1974 and in University of Peshawar in 1976.
Keeping in view the importance of the profession and in order to overcome the vulnerability and helplessness of different groups, the department of Social Work, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University was established in September 2012 at Wari campus, Upper Dir.The department has the honour to offer different courses for the award of degrees in BS Social Work (4 year) and Master (2 year) programs. Both of the programs are offered in semester system with field work asa mandatory component. In filed work, students are placed into different organizations/institutions either on every Friday in the academic session or on block placement (at the end of the session). Field Work activity provides the students with an opportunity to see and observe the different programs and services, being designed for the welfare of the people. In order to provide an educational milieu, the department of social work has an attractive library equipped with related books, thesis, field work reports and other reading materials related to social sciences. The department of social work has been focussing on social research and students are urged to avoid traditional and outdated areas and to conduct original and innovative research work. The department of social work is committed to achieve the vision by involving in a great mission of serving the humanity. In nutshell, social workers can play a role of recourse for the creation of the creator.
Elimination of social and economic injustices and the empowerment of individuals, communities, and institutions to reach their aspirations.
The Department of Social Work is committed to the advancement of the vision and values of social work profession. The department seeks to develop a more equitable and caring society which is free of social injustice. The department is dedicated to education, research, and service that fosters progressive change at local, national, and global levels.
Areas/Scope of Social Work

  • Special Education
  • Zakat and Usher (poverty alleviation)
  • Psychiatric Social Work (Psychiatry)
  • Mental Health
  • Drug Addiction & Rehabilitation
  • Child Welfare and Protection
  • Medical & School Social Work
  • Probation & Parole (Criminology)
  • Forestry (Social Organizer)
  • Community Organization and Development (Organization & Mobilization)
  • Local Government & Rural Development
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Prison Welfare
  • Social Welfare Administration
  • Social Research and Social Action
  • Social Policy
  • Gerontology
  • Labor Welfare
  • Women Empowerment and Development