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National Conference on Plant Sciences and Climate change

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  • Shaheed BB University location
  • Introduction

    The National Conference on "Plant Sciences and Climate Changes (PSCC)" will be held in the most touristic spot of the country at the Department of Botany at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Sheringal, Upper Dir, where a glimpsing resort, viz. Kumrat," is at a distance of a few kilometers.
    The conference comprises of keynote addresses, oral and poster presentations. Young researchers and exhibitions will provide a dedicated platform to researchers, young inspired scientists, and academicians to share the knowledge that’s still to be revealed in the field of Climate Change with respect to plant sciences and food security. This will be a three days technical session, including a refreshing activity in Kumrat, to be held from August 9–11, 2023.

    Theme of the Conference(Day 1)

    • Plants in the Changing Climate.

    Theme of the Conference(Day 2)

    • Food Security in the Changing Climate.

    Tentative Dates

    • August 09-11, 2023.

    Closing date for Technical Papers, Posters, and Registration: July 25, 2023


    • Herbarium Department of Botany Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal, Dir Upper.

    Submission of Papers

    Interested participants are requested to submit technical papers and posters (size: 2ft Width * 3ft Height) to the following email addresses on or before August 01 , 2023:

      1. Food Security in the Changing Climate:
    • Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, Associate Professor ( and cc to in the Changing Climate.
      1. 2.  Plants in the Changing Climate:
    • Dr. Muhammad Riaz, Assistant Professor ( and cc to
      1. 3.   The details required for abstract submission:
        a). Paper Title,
        b). Abstract,
        c). List of Authors
        d). Theme.
        e). Full text of the paper/poster in MS Word and PDF:

    The selected papers shall be sent to the Pakistan Journal of Botany and other journals for publication in special issues subjected to their quality criteria. The talk for the special issue is in process.

    Keynote speakers

    • Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadar Marwat, ex-vice chancellor of SBBU and University of Agriculture Peshawar.
    • Prof. Dr. M. Qaiser, University of Karachi's Centre of Plant Conservation.
    • Prof. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari, Professor, BIO Technology, QAU, Islam Abad.
    • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees, Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar.
    • Prof. Dr. Jehan Bakht, Vice Chancellor, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar.
    • Prof. Dr. Shahid Baig, Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad.
    • Prof. Dr. Hassan Sher, Vice Chancellor, University of Swat.
    • Prof. Dr. Iqbal Munir, Director, Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar.
    • Prof. Dr. Anwar Naseem, Ex. President, Pakistan Academy of Sciences.

    Invited Speakers

    • Prof. Dr. Aqib Iqbal,Chairman, Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Chemical and Life Sciencrs, AWKUM.
    • Dr. Muhammad Nisar, Chairman, Department of Botany, University of Malakand.
    • Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Department of Botany, Quid e Azam University, Islamabad.
    • Prof. Dr. Ayaz Ahmad, Department of Biotechnology AWKUM Mardan.
    • Dr. Shah Ali Ul Qadar, University of Karachi.
    • Dr. Shujaul Mulk, Department of Botany, Quid e Azam University, Islamabad.
    • Dr. Ali Hazrat, Department of Botany, University of Malakand.
    • Dr. Asad Ullah, Department of Botany, University of Peshawar.

    Organising Committee

    • Dr. Muhammad Shahab, Vice Chancellor (Patron in Chief)
    • Dr. Abdul Khaliq Jan, Pro Vice Chancellor (Co-Patron in Chief)
    • Mr. Bad Shah Hussain, Registrar
    • Dr. Khan Sher (Botany), Chief Organizer
    • Dr. Asif Nawaz (Bio-Technology), Co-organizer
    • Dr. Irfan Ullah (Computer Science), Co-organizer

    Sub Committees

    1. General Chair/Coordination Committee

    • Dr. Abdul Khaliq Jan, Pro Vice Chancellor
    • Mr. Bad Shah Hussain, Registrar
    • Dr. Farhat Ali Khan, Director of Teaching and Admission
    • Dr. Alam Zeb, Director, QEC
    • Dr. Khan Sher, Head, Department of Botany
    • Dr. Asif Nawaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology
    • Mr. Mehmood Khan, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
    • Mr. Sajad Ali, PS to Vice Chancellor

    2.  Programme Chair, Technical Committee, and Proceedings Chair

    Day 1: Include both the inaugural and Technical sessions

    a) Inaugural Session

    • Mr. Bad Shah Hussain, Registrar
    • Dr. Sikandar Khan, Chief Proctor
    • Dr. Muhammad Israr (Sociology)
    • Dr. Mian Shah Bacha (English)
    • Dr. Muhammad Riaz, Computer Science
    • Mr. Bakht Zada Danish, English
    • Mr. Ibrar Hussain, Director Administration

    b) Technical Session (Plants in the Changing Climate)

    • Dr. Muhammad Riaz, Pharmacy (Convener) +92 345 9453863
    • Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Rajpar, Forestry
    • Dr. Muhammad Irfan, Chemistry
    • Dr. Afzaal Mehmood, Law
    • Dr. Allah Ditta, Environmental Sciences
    • Dr. Nasir Mehmood (Agriculture)
    • Dr. Irfan Ullah, Chemistry

    Day 2: Food Security in the Changing Climate

    Technical Session

    • Dr. Shafiq Ur Rahman, Pharmacy (Convener)+92 334 9309550
    • Dr. Hammad Tariq, Geology
    • Dr. Amin Ullah Jan, Biotechnology +92 312 9821584
    • Dr. Imran Khan, Botany
  • Dr. Shujaat Ahmad (Pharmacy)
  • Df. Farman Ali (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Hammad Tariq, Geology
  • Day 3: Arrangement of Trips to Kumrat: Mountainous Trip

    • Mr. Rooh ULLAH Zoology (Convener)
    • Dr. Nasr Ud Din (Chemistry)
    • Dr. Rahim Ullah, Biotechnology
    • Dr. Syed Muhammad, Deputy Controller of Examination
    • Dr. Abdullah Shah (Biotech)
    • Dr. Latif Ahmad (Mathematics)
    • Dr Noor Rahman
    • Dr Sher Wali Khan

    3. Publications Committee

    • Dr. Shujaat Ahmad (Convener)
    • Dr. Fayaz Ali, Botany
    • Dr. Zul Kamal, Pharmacy
    • Dr. Adnan Ahmad, Forestry

    4. Publicity and Public Relations Committee

    • Dr. Hamid Afridi (Pharmacy)
    • Mr. Anwar Zada Deputy Registrar(Academics)(Convener)
    • Mr. Ruhail Islam,
    • Dr. Aftab Ahmad, Islamiyat

    5. Registration Committee

  • Dr. Irfan Ullah, Head, Department of Computer Science (Convener)
  • Dr. Muhammad Naveed Khan (+92 331 4003655)
  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Chemistry
  • Mr. Mazhar Iqbal (Botany )
  • Dr. Kamran Khan, Zoology
  • Mr. Fazal Wahab, QEC
  • 6. Logistic support committee

    • Dr. Adnan Ali, Management Science (Convener)
    • Dr. Imran Khan, Botany
    • Dr. Sher Wali Khan
    • Mr. Muhammad Younas (Wari Campus)
    • Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan, Sociology
    • Mr. Muhammad Nisar (Administration)

    7. Exhibition Committee

    • Dr. Wajid Raza, HOD, Department of Management Science (Convener) +92 345 4433821
    • Mr. Kaleem Ullah, Management Science
    • Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan, Pakistan Study
    • Dr. Fazal Halim, Management Sciences

    8. Accommodation/Travel Committee

    • Dr. Amin Ullah, HOD, Assistant Professor, Islamiat (Convener)
    • Dr. Najm Ur Rahman (Pharmacy)
    • Mr. Sikandar Khan, Deputy Provost
    • Ms. Shazia Khushdil, Forestry
    • Mr. Nageen, Vice Chancellor's Office, In Charge, Guest Houses 0944885527, 03215510355
    • Mr. Arshad Ali, Transport In Charge
    • Mr. Ihtisham, Wardon Boys Hostal
    • Mr. Bad Shah Said, Deputy Director, DTA

    9. First Aid and Medication Committee

    • Dr. Hameed Ullah (Medical officer)
    • Dr. Anwar Ul Haq (Pharmacy)
    • Dr. Haya Husain (Pharmacy)
    • Mr. Rahim ULLAH (Medical technecion)
    • Aftab Ali Khan (Male Nurse)

    10. Food Committee

    • Dr. Juma Muhammad, HOD/Controller of Examination (Convener)
    • Dr. Abdul Haq, Islamiat
    • Mr. Ziaul Islam, Zoology
    • Mr. Imran Ahmad, Botany
    • Mr. Rashid, Account Assistant
    • Mr. Khuram Murad, Office Assistant

    11. Reception Committee

    • Dr. Midrar Ullah (Convener)
    • Dr. Alamghir Khan Forestry
    • Dr. Muhammad Amin Env-Science
    • Dr. Zia Khalil Zoology
    • Dr. Tamanna Bakhat, Environmental Science
    • Dr. Abid Ullah, Pharmacy
    • Mr. Abdur Rab, Forestry
    • Students

    12. Finance Committee

    • Mr. Latif Ahmad, Account Assistant (Convener)
    • Mr. Zeshan Lab Assistant, Department of Botany

    Contact information

    • Office of the Vice Chancellor: 0944885527
    • Chief Organiser/Dr. Khan Sher
    • Office; 0944885418,
    • Mobile: 03449695432, 03018068742.
    • Whatsapp; 03449695432
    • Co-Organiser: Dr. Muhammad Asif Nawaz
    • Email:
    • Mobile/WhatsApp: +92 344 9236028
    • Zeeshan, Office Assistant:
    • Phone or WhatsApp: 03068050725
    • Email: