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Knowledge is the search of truth about any phenomena (i.e the objects of nature, life, social, political and economic systems etc) while education is a process to get knowledge (truth) and to train human resource to get benefit for themselves and humanity at large from the truth they seek. My advice to my students is that they should devote themselves whole heartedly towards true knowledge and education to enlighten themselves with the light of knowledge and enable themselves to play their role in the development and prosperity of their mother country. We are, in reality, highly indebted to our people as we have got and are getting knowledge and education upon the taxes paid by our people including orphans, widows and laborers etc so it’s our prime duty to enable ourselves to deliver them back in the shape of scientific, social, political and economic services through research and knowledge. I am fully hopeful that the SBBU teaching/administrative team is highly professional and devoted to achieve the goals, mission and objectives for which this Alma Matter has got established. SBBU is fully committed to implement the policies/guidelines of HEC for the promotion of higher education in the country and expect their full support and cooperation with SBBU in this regard. Only in this way our mother land shall be able to coup with the global challenges of the day.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Rahmat Ali
Vice Chancellor, Shaheed BB University

News Updates
  • 09-07-2018: Dr.Abdul Khaliq Jan( PI-HOD Chemistry) and Dr. Noor Rehman (Co-PI) has won an NRPU Research Project of Rs. 3.7 Millions on Phytochemical Investigation of Local medicinal plants​.

  • 03-05-2018: Dr.Sami Ullah recieved 2 million grant from HEC for the project entitled "Application of modern UAV based Drone in the field of forest science".

  • 03-05-2018: Vacancy is announced for University Public School & College . for details Click Here!

  • 25-04-2018 Mr. Mahmood Khan and Dr. Faran Majeed Department of Computer Science published a paper. To View the Paper Click Here!

  • 25-04-2018 Dr. Shujat Ahmad Lecturer in Pharmacy published a paper. To View the Paper Click Here!

  • 20-04-2018 Dr. Farman Ali Khan Assistant Prof in Chemistry published a paper. To View the Paper Click Here!

  • 25-04-2018 Dr. Hasib Khan Assistant Prof of Mathematics published a paper. To View the Paper Click Here!

  • 12-04-2018 Congratulation to Dr. Saira Nayab (PI) and Dr. Farman Ali (Co.PI) (Department of Chemistry) for the approval of project entitled “Symmetrical, Asymmetrical Schiff Bases and Diamines based Trasition Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and biological applications” under HEC NRPU program, 2016 (3.6 M).

  • 11-04-2018 Tender Notice for Construction of Administration Block-Extension Cick Here!

  • 26-03-2018 The election for the constituency of lecturer for the University Syndicate is scheduled to be conducted on 5 April, 2018. for revised electoral list Cick Here!

  • Dr. Nasir Mehmood Khan Assistant prof. Published a Paper. View Paper

  • congratulations to Dr. Shafiq Ur Rahman for getiing Best Teacher Award from HEC.

  • Dr. Sher Wali Khan Assistant prof. in Chemistry Published a Paper. View Paper

  • 14-01-2018.Various positions for the Faculty Announced.View Details!

  • 02-06-2017

    Higher Education Department Invites Research Proposals for Research Grants in Different Areas. for details Click Here!

  • Pool of Islamic Universities Scholarships 2016-17 (Scholarships for Islamic World announced during the VC Forum Feb 23-24, 2015). View Details
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