Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

B.A Subject Combinations For Private Students

There are total four (04) subjects, two are compulsory and two are elective subjects:

Group A.   Compulsory Subjects:
Part I:                (a) English-A (b) Islamic Education
Part II:               (a) English-B (b) Pakistan Study

Group B.    Only one subject out of the following languages (Can be optional in case of selection of two subjects from Group C):
(a) English Elective                  (b) Urdu          (c) Pashto        (d) Arabic

Group C.   One or Two Subjects out of the following subjects:
1) Archaeology
2) Economics
3) Education
4) History
5) Political Science
6) Sociology
7) Islamic Studies
8) Law