Distance Education Program - Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal

Distance Education Program

Distance education which is also called as Distance learning, is an attempt to educate the youth both on campus and off-campus, through correspondence. This system has evolved as an alternative to the formal education which is normally expensive by virtue of its associated costs like transport, hostels, foods etc.
The Directorate of Distance education of SBBU will help to ensure the following.
• Cope with increasing demands of education, especially of the distant and inaccessible areas.
• Deliver education at an affordable cost.
• Provide opportunities to the talented youth as well as adults to get education at any stage of their life.
• Increase the professional competency of the working people at their job place.
Instead of bringing the learners and students to schools, colleges, universities, let the students or learners get education at their own places with convenience and ease. Therefore, the main components of this distance education system will be the following
• Educational materials and correspondence package will be given through different ways like real teaching, online accessibilities, Social Media etc.
• Every effort will be made to ensure learning through tutorials, Audiotapes, videos or through printed materials.
• Interactive video conferencing will also be made possible.
• Workshop/ tutorial meeting will be made possible at the end of each semester.
• Course assignments allied with both teaching and assessment will be made possible.
• An effort will be made to arrange a final full-fledged exam at the end of each semester.

Our Mission

The Directorate of Distance Education of SBBU will strive hard with its qualified human resources to ensure an infrastructure suitably equipped with all the possible modern facilities to produce honest, harmonious educated persons. Moreover, the female gender will also be educated as a potential target as the population of female is more than 50%. The Directorate will also ensure every effort to help the aidless talented youth of the area to get education at affordable and low cost at their door steps.

Our Vision

To ensure a flexible system of education to all those who need to meet the challenges of accesses and equity and to ensure struggle towards the establishment of knowledgeable community.



• To ensure the availability of higher educational facilitation to the people at their door steps.
• To enable the unreached clientele to get higher education.
• To offer opportunities to all those who have been denied education in a formal institutions on grounds of accessibility, recourses and time etc.
• To ensure the delivery of higher education at lower cost.
• To provide quality education through e- or mail correspondence.
• To enable the students of distantly situated areas to get HEC Recognized degrees.
• To increase the competitiveness of the youth as well as adults for better life through distance education